Mino Ware Tea Set, which contains 1 Tea pot and 4 Cups with removable stainless steel infuser, and a bamboo handle. Great for serving 3-4 cups of tea. 



About Mino Ware 

Mino ware is pottery and porcela with over 1300 years of history that is made in Mino region in Gifu prefecture, Japan.  It is famous for variety of style such as Oribe and Shino ware. 


Mino region is today the biggest supplier of ceramic product in Japan and has more than 50% of market share. 

Good Morning Tea Set Blue

  • Set of 1 Tea Pot + 4 Cups 

    With removable stainless steel infuser, and a bamboo handle 

    Type: Mino Ware, Porcelain 

    Origin: Mino, Gifu Prefecture, Japan

    Tea Pot 

    Size: W19 cm x H13.5 cm / 700 ml 

    Weight: 440 g


    Size: 8.3 cm x 8.3 cm x H6 cm / 100 ml / 

    Weight: 120 g


    As the pots and cups are handmade, each one could be slightly varied. 

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