Matte glazing but very smooth in hand. This cup is originally made to drink Shochu, a type of distilled arcoholic bevarage, and suitable for both hot and cold drinks. Enjoyable with coffee, tea, and any type of drinks. The cups are all indivisually handmaded by artisians in Japan. 


Shigaraki ware -  信楽焼 - is a type of stoneware made in Shigaraki town in Shiga prefecture, Japan since 13 centry.  The ware is known as one of six ancient kilns and is also recognised as one of the most worthy kilns of Japan.

White Moon Cup

  • Type: Shigaraki Ware

    Size: 8.5 x H9 cm / 290 ml

    Weight: 250 g.

    Origin: Shigaraki, Shiga prefecture, Japan


    As the cups are all handmade, each one could be slightly varied. 

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